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Insight: News Network: Stockton / Photojournalist Micah Albert / Brenda Novak's Whiskey Creek / "Below the Horizon"

Published January 29, 2013

News Network: Stockton - One of the topics discussed in Gov. Jerry Brown's 2013 State of the State address was water. He noted how important water is to California and that the Delta in San Joaquin County was one of the more crucial elements of the state's water system. To that end, he said he's proposing a two-tunnel plan to move water to Southern California while preserving the ecology and shoring up the system in case of an earthquake or 100-year storm. This "Delta Tunnel" plan is incredibly controversial for a number of reasons, but it's loudest critics are the people who live in the Delta - fisherman, farmers, ranchers. Those people, according to Stockton Record Columnist Michael Fitzgerald, were NOT represented in Gov. Brown's remarks. We'll talk with him about the long-standing water issue and get the latest on Stockton's bankruptcy filing.

Documenting the Under-Reported Stories of the World - Photojournalist Micah Albert has spent more than a decade photographing some of the most tumultuous regions of the world. His photos from conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East have appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Foreign Policy Magazine, BBC, and Smithsonian Magazine. Micah will be sharing images and stories from his current expeditions at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento Wednesday. The World Affairs Council is sponsoring Micah's presentation, "Documenting the Under-Reported Stories of the World," where he'll also discuss his award-winning project for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

Brenda Novak's Whisky Creek - Best-selling author Brenda Novak is releasing her latest book "When Summer Comes" this week. The Sacramento resident's latest romantic series is set in a Gold Rush-town modeled after Sutter Creek. "When Summer Comes" is the third book in the Whiskey Creek series and tells the story of a young woman with a debilitating medical condition who moves back to the family farm and falls in love with a mysterious drifter. We'll talk with Novak about the series and get the scoop on book No. 4.

"Below the Horizon" - Mike Dugan and his friends had a theoretical knowledge of sailing, so they figured "hey, why not try to sail around the world?" The trio - Mike, his best friend and his girlfriend - sets forth from San Francisco Bay in bad weather and barely makes it to Santa Cruz. And so begins "Below the Horizon," Dugan's self-published account "the biggest adventure" he could think of. We'll talk with Dugan about his experience and why he wrote the book.


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